BECOME A FUNDED TRADER We keep it simple!


Trading Days:
Traders must actively trade for a minimum of 15 days to be eligible for placement. Holidays and
weekends are not permitted. ACTIVE TRADING DAY is defined by conducting at least 1 open and 1 close
trade action. Each active trading day is populated on 1 row in your dashboard.

Permitted Products:
Traders may only trade the current permitted products: (Temporary market restrictions applied during CME limit level restrictions. Temporarily restricted until further notice)

Level 1 (TOP OF BOOK) Data provided with the program selected. Traders that require Level 2 will be provided at an additional cost.

M6A Australian Dollar Micro Futures  6A (Restricted until further notice)
M6B British Pound Micro Futures 6B (Restricted until further notice)
M6C Canadian Dollar Micro Futures 6C (Restricted until further notice)
M6E Euro FX Micro Futures 6E (Restricted until further notice)
M6J Japanese Yen Micro Futures 6J (Restricted until further notice)
M6S Swiss Franc Micro Futures 6S (Restricted until further notice)
MCL Crude Oil Micro Futures CL (Restricted until further notice)
MES SP500 Emini Micro Futures ES (Restricted until further notice)
MGC Gold Micro Futures GC (Restricted until further notice)
MNQ Nasdaq Emini Micro Futures NQ (Restricted until further notice)
MYM Dow Emini Micro Futures YM (Restricted until further notice)
M2K Russel Emini Micro Futures 2K (Restricted until further notice)
ND (Restricted until further notice) E7 (Restricted until further notice)
NG (Restricted until further notice) EMD (Restricted until further notice)
QI (Restricted until further notice) GE (Restricted until further notice)
QO (Restricted until further notice) HE (Restricted until further notice)
SI (Restricted until further notice) HG (Restricted until further notice)
ZB (Restricted until further notice) HO (Restricted until further notice)
ZF (Restricted until further notice) J7 (Restricted until further notice)
ZN (Restricted until further notice) FOREX PAIRS COMING SOON!

Traders will be responsible for losses and void profit if their positions are held during any market limit halt, circuit breaker or market restrictions.

Permitted Times:
The trading day starts at 5 PM CST. All positions must be closed by 4:00 PM CST before the weekend or Holidays.
Intraweek trading is permitted. Trading is permitted when the market is open.

Max Position Size:
Your max position size is determined by your account selection. The stated maximum amount may not
be exceeded at any given time.

Profit Target:
The required profit target is determined by the account size you have chosen. This is the minimum
amount of NET profits needed for placement with our funding partners.

Daily Loss Limit:
Your net PNL cannot reach or exceed the daily loss limit during the trading day. Your positions may
become flattened and further trading in your account will be restricted until the start of the next trading
day. If you do NOT reach your Limited Trailing drawdown but only your Daily Loss Limit you are not disqualified and can resume trading the next
Trading day.

LIMITED Trailing Drawdown:
Your account balance may not exceed this amount. The limited trailing drawdown increases a defined
distance as your account balance increase in realtime. It will not decrease. Open position balance will influence your trailing limit threshold. Once the
trailing drawdown reaches zero it will no longer follow your positive trading gains.

Traders must demonstrate that they’re are following their own profitable trading patterns. Matching
trading behavior is measured by trade duration, profit, and stop levels. NOTE: 1 single trade may not
account for more than 50% of the profit target.

Age Requirement:
Traders must be of legal age. +18 years old

Regional Restrictions:
Geographical approvals apply. Candidates may find their eligible locations on the sign-up page.

Simulated commissions and fees are applied. $2.20 per side.

Reaching or exceeding the daily loss limit:
Your positions will be automatically closed on your account and any further trading for the remainder of
the day will be restricted.

Traders can reset their account by pushing the reset button in your account profile.
Traders can purchase a reset when they started trading in an evaluation program. Resets are not available in a free trial account.
A reset will assign you a new account and remove all prior trading history. The previous trading performance will not be applied to your program.
A reset fee of $50.00USD is applied at your time of purchase and your account is immediately reset.
Note** a reset fee doesn’t apply to your monthly subscription. You will maintain the same subscription fee and services but only your trading performance history will be reset.

Completing the Evaluation Program:
Congratulations! Please contact with your account number. Our
representative will be in touch with you shortly. An Evalue8 representative will review your trade history
with you to confirm your qualifications and begin your funding process.

Supported Platforms:
Please See List of Supported Platforms on Home Page

Preferred Platform:

Using our tools:
Candidates are eligible during the evaluation program to have access to our proprietary trading tools.
These tools will only be deactivated upon termination or disqualification of the candidate. The tools are
for traders to use during the evaluation program only. Please read our “Terms of Use” prior to installing
our software.

You can access your Dashboard when you login and select “dashboard” in your profile upper panel.
All your trading performance will be updated in your dashboard within 24 hrs and appear in your scrolling trading table.

How to become a funded trader:
Step 1 – Enter the evaluation program. Trade within the parameters of your selected program and reach
your min profit target.
Step 2 – Upon passing the evaluation program your account activity will be inspected by our evaluation
team. Upon successful review, we will begin your account registration and funding process.

Trading Live:
Congratulations on passing the evaluation program. We do not have any limitations on the number of
funded accounts that can be awarded. YOU will receive funding for your account. Please contact to submit the details of your evaluation performance.

Funded Trader Rules:
– Trade only the permitted instruments during the permitted times
– Do not allow your account balance to reach or exceed the limited trailing drawdown.
– All positions must be closed before the weekend or holidays.
– Failure to comply with the live trading rules may result in your account being terminated.

Scaling Plan:
The scaling plan is only applied in your live account but you should also practice applying this during your Evaluation program. The scaling program is a guide on how to responsibly increase your buying power while your profit increases.


Net Profit Lots
$0 to $200 2 Lots
+ $200 3 Lots



Net Profit Lots
$0 to $200 2 Lots
$200 to $400 3 Lots
+ $400 5 Lots



Net Profit Lots
$0 to $200 2 Lots
$200 to $400 3 Lots
$400 to $800 5 Lots
+ $800 10 Lots


Making a Withdrawal:

Live Account Traders can make a withdrawal from the LIVE ACCOUNT by contacting SUPPORT@EVALUE8TRADING.COM We will work with our funding partners and brokerage partners to remove the amount specified from the trading account to be transferred to the trader. Once the funds have been transferred to our company distribution account the trader will be notified by our staff to confirm instructions on processing the transfer.

Fund distribution methods include:

  • Cheques issued into the trader’s registered postal address.
  • Electronic Bank Transfer to the trader’s bank account.
  • Payoneer or Paypal transfers are not available at this time.

Any bank transfer costs will be borne by the receiver. Payment process methods vary widely by method and timelines cannot be guaranteed however, our previous payment processing time has been within 10 business days average or less. Withdrawals under $500USD may be subject to bank wire fees.

Withdrawals from the live account are permitted when the live accounts limited drawdown has reached zero. Please NOTE: When the amount has been withdrawn from the Live Account, the limited drawdown limit will remain at zero.

Min Withdrawal Amount: $150

Live Account Fees

All traders who have successfully completed the Evaluation program will be offered a Live Trading Account. The Trader will be responsible for Broker, program, and data delivery fees associated with their account. Each brokerage partner varies in their fee structure and the trader may select their preferred option from our list of brokerage partners we have to offer. Once the account has been created and the payment for the data and program has been received, the trader will be given access to begin their Live Trading.


Part of the Live Trader onboarding process you will be presented with a co-operation and contracting agreement. You are considered as an independent contractor and are solely responsible to declare any monies paid to you as income.

Monthly Billing:

Every 30 days you are charged for data and program access. Your billing will renew every 30 days until
you cancel your subscription.


Terms are subject to change. Traders will be notified.