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  1. Min Profit Target
  2. Daily Loss Limit
  3. Max Drawdown
  4. Trading Days Min
  5. Position Duration
  6. Buying Power
  7. Max Size
  8. Trading Limit Draw Down
  9. 14 Day Trial
  10. 80% Performance Share + Data
  1. $600 USD
  2. $100 USD
  3. $450 USD
  4. 15 days
  5. Intraday
  6. $3 000 USD
  7. 3 contracts
  8. Stops trailing at 0
  9. Free
  10. $129 USD Monthly
  11. Start trading

  1. $950 USD
  2. $165 USD
  3. $750 USD
  4. 15 days
  5. Intraday
  6. $5 000 USD
  7. 5 contracts
  8. Stops trailing at 0
  9. Free
  10. $159 USD Monthly
  11. Start trading

  1. $1750 USD
  2. $335 USD
  3. $1250 USD
  4. 15 days
  5. Intraday
  6. $10 000 USD
  7. 10 contracts
  8. Stops trailing at 0
  9. Free
  10. $319 USD Monthly
  11. Start trading

**During the current CME market restrictions Evalue8Trading will temporarily offer only intraday trading on permitted products until CME limit level restrictions are removed**

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Actively trade a minimum of 15 days to be eligible for placement with our funding partners. Holidays and Weekends are not included. Active trading days have an open and close action on each day and are displayed on your dashboard.


Permitted products: M6A, M6B, M6C, M6E, M6J, M6S, MCL, MES, MGC, MNQ, MJY, MYM, M2K FOREX PAIRS COMING SOON! Level One Data Provided.


All positions MUST be closed before the end of the trading day 4:00 PM CST and before the start of a holiday. Intraday trading is available each day from 5:00 PM CST.


Your maximum position size is based on the account size you choose. This is the maximum allowable position across all products at any given time.


Profit target is based on the account you choose. This is the minimum account net profits needed for being eligible to receive funding.


Your Net PnL cannot hit or exceed this amount in your trading day. Your positions may be flattened and any further trading will be restricted for the rest of the day until the next trading day resumes. (Futures trading day starts at 5pm CST)


Yup! We succeeded to find an alternate solution for our trading community and funding partners. Traders only need to focus on achieving their min profit target and your trailing drawdown now stops at zero!


Traders have access to our proprietary tools that we built for the NinjaTrader 8 platform. Simply fill out the required information and the tools will be accessible to traders in the evaluation program.

Traders Reviewed Us!

Vlad S – Ukraine –

Hi my name is Vlad. I found myself on and have begun the “Started” program. It costs $80 USD which is less than other companies and offers better conditions. I have been improving my trading strategy and look forward to passing very soon!

Dmitryi N – Ukraine –

Evalue8Trading has parameters that are good for traders. Overnight trading is hard to find. Talented traders are rewarded with guaranteed live money account.

Tom P – Canada –

Great team, amazing tools, and conditions that are both great for traders and investors. E8 really understand trading diversity and have built this platform for all types of traders. Thank you Evalue8Trading.

Joe C – China –

Max can actually trade and show you in the free room. He is always willing to share his tools and techniques which is worth more to me than the program. With their help I will develop more and soon pass. Thanks

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Max Rybinski

Co-Founder & Full-time Day Trader

10+ years of day trading experience Specializes in Automated and Assisted Algo trading

Andrii Vdovenko

Day Trader

10+ Years of day trading experience Specializes in strategy implementation Trader Onboarding and Technology specialist

Vladislav Yudkin

Senior Business Developer

8+ Years of Web Development Programming Specializes in online technologies and UX

Roman Demitryi

Trader and Systems Development

Specializes in electronic platform technology and algorithmic trading

Oleksandr Kazmiruk

Senior Server Technology Specialist.

+10 years of Online Technology Development

April Wong

Operations Manager

10+ Years of marketing industry experience Specializes in branding, advertising and growth hacking

Daniil Ryabitsky

Senior Trader and Trading Coach

10+ Years of Trading experience Specializes in analysis and implementation

Jeff Elestad

Trading Technology Expert

+20 Years of day trading experience Specializes in Strategy development

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